Static Mixing

Since the early Eighties Munich based Ludwig Schwerdtel GmbH is developing and building systems for In-Line Mixing of pasty products. What started as a solution to add catalyst right before filling into cartridges became soon a solution to colorize also sealants and adhesives. The so called K-TECHNOLOGY offered the possibility to add either two or in the "big solution" up to six additives (e.g. pigments) to a base product.



New developments in process and control technology were mid of the Nineties the foundation for the KV-TECHNOLOGY which allowed to generate out of five basic colors any kind of mix color. Some of our customers had soon more then 200 color-recipes data stored in the PLC of the system. Today several of our customers have more then 1.000 color-receipts which they can select at any time.

Another milestone was the development of the XKV-TECHNOLOGY beginning of the new millennium. The system is now completely modular and can be customized exactly to match our customers requirements. Even better - it can be upgraded at any time to follow possible new requirements.


The principle of static mixing with a Schwerdtel-machine is at a glance quiet simple. It is a clever combination of a high-end dosing technology and the static mixer itself: 

FEEDING: The base product is delivered by a press-out unit or a material pump to the main dosing cylinder of the machine. Here we dose either 310 ml for cartridges or 600 ml for sausages or any other volume in between for other packaging sizes.

DOSING:  At the same time we inject up to 12 liquid components in the base product stream coming from the main dosing cylinder. The high end version allows to add as smallest dosing volume 0,002 Vol% - just one drop of a color pigment or any other liquid you may want to add.

MIXING: After injecting these up-to 12 components in a range between 0,002 - 15 Vol% the base product and the additives  pass the static mixer, which guarantees a perfect and homogenous mixing result without increasing the product temperature more then 3 Kelvin. From here we fill the ready mixed product directly in the final trading unit like cartridges, sausages, tubes, drums or pails.

Another huge advantage of the static mixer is its self cleaning effect - when you change for example the color of  the product it will cause only some cartridges with change-over color. This allows you to produce just in time with a minimum of waste material. We will be pleased to tell you more about it during a meeting.




During the last years Schwerdtel has developed several different setups of in-line dosing and mixing units of the XKV - Generation which allow due to their modular design customized solutions for all of our existing and potential customers.


SD-XKV is our modular standard solution for in-line mixing. The system allows to add between 1 and 12 liquid components and fill directly into cartridges, sausages, cans, drums, etc. You can start with one component and add step by step more components if you like.




SD-XKV Split Stream is a smart and cost saving variation of SD-XKV - specially designed to improve in combination with a Schwerdtel double head cartridge filler  your production rate of cartridges. By dosing of 620 ml and splitting into two cartridges of 310 ml we can generate up to 70% more production. It is also possible to upgrade an existing SD-XKV to this technology.



SD-TXKV is our Twin-In-Line Mixing System for maximum performance in combination with a high speed double head cartridge filler




SD-XKVS is our solution for process technology. The first step can be compounding of up to four different base materials which can be adjusted between 0 - 100 Vol%. In the second step up to 4 liquid components can be added and in the last step you can add up to 6 components - e.g. for colorizing of the product. From there we fill directly into cartridges, sausages, cans, drums, etc.