When it comes to industrial mixing of pasty products you will still find in most production sites mainly conventional batch mixers such like Dispensers, Kneaders, Planetary Mixers or Vacuum Dissolver.

On the left side you can see a schematic drawing of a jacketed agitated vessel (copyright).

There is many good reasons for this kind of technology like

  • low investment for mixing equipment
  • simple and solid equipment
  • simple process
  • open process (samples and corrections at any time possible
  • possibility to heat or cool

but also some clear disadvanges like

  • minimum and maximum batch size given by vessel size - no small and flexible batch sizes possible
  • waste of material by 
  • cleaning of mixing tools
  • air inclusion when pulling out mixing tools
  • time pressure to fill ready mixed product to avoid curing or other reactions
  • change over time from one batch vessel to the next


Besides the classical batch mixers you can find continous mixers such as the twin-screw Continuous Processor or the Static Mixer with its incredible advantages.